Course curriculum

    1. 1. Let's Get Started

    2. 1.1 How to use this course

    3. 2. Breaking it all down

    4. 3. Somethings don't have to be understood, just accepted

    5. 4. Feel what you feel

    6. 5. Getting some Zzzzzz's

    7. 6. Journaling 101

    1. 1. What do you need right now

    2. 2. Practically Speaking

    3. 3. Force the Lol's and Light

    4. 4. Create the Movie Trailer of Your Life

    1. 1. Good things are coming

    2. 2. Checklist for when you're not feeling great

    3. 3. What are you proud of?

    4. 4. Label How You Feel

    5. The 3 Poisonous P's

    1. 1. It's ok if you don't know what you want to do next

    2. 2. All the things that helped me heal (after cancer)

    3. 3. This is just one chapter

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Let's make this tough time easier together. Starting today.


Briony Benjamin

Briony Benjamin is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Storyteller whose viral videos have been viewed by more than 200 million sets of eyeballs. Her own story went global after she documented her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery in the video 'You Only Get One Life'. This led to a bestselling book called 'Life Is Tough But So Are You' and a passionate drive to help individuals face the toughest time of their lives with more ease and less fear.